Ratecard Meetings Février 2024 - Bordeaux



POSITIONING Permutive entreprend une reconstruction de la donnée dans la sphère de la publicité programmatique afin de protéger la confidentialité des données de ses utilisateurs. En tant qu’unique plateforme d’audience construite sur une technologie brevetée et préservant la confidentialité depuis le device , nous permettons aux annonceurs et aux éditeurs premium de planifier, créer et activer des cohortes, tout en prot��geant les données de chacun. Working with clients across Europe and North America, publishers using Permutive include: Unify, News Corp, Hearst, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Hubert Burda Media and Condé Nast International. OFFERS / SOLUTIONS Permutive’s Audience Platform provides all the speed, scale and insight publishers need to build a sustainable first- party data strategy. Designed for privacy, Permutive uses the power of edge computing to process 100% of user data on-device and activate across the open web via privacy-safe Publisher Cohorts. This allows publishers to understand and target all their users, everywhere — even those briefly passing by, and those who aren’t logged in. With no need for third-party cookies or IDs in the bidstream, publishers can safeguard user privacy and grow their revenue with strong, unique first-party data. For brands and agencies, Permutive’s Audience Platform gives advertisers immediate access to all addressable Open Web consumers, enabling high precision targeting across premium publishers at scale, without compromising privacy or requiring third-party cookies.

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