Ratecard Meetings Février 2024 - Bordeaux

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Stop bad ads in real time and keep monetizing your website/app. We empower you to block malware/malvertising, offensive ads, heavy ads, and custom URLs (e.g., competitors), and then re-call demand partners to ensure impressions are monetized. The Media Trust is the leading provider of digital trust and safety solutions for media, adtech, commerce media, e-commerce, and enterprise brands. Established in 2005, The Media Trust leverages a globe-spanning infrastructure of devices and emulators recreating actual consumer experiences to identify and remediate security, content, quality, privacy, and regulatory violations on websites, mobile apps, connected TV, and other mediums. More than 600 media publishers, adtech providers (SSPs, DSPs, ad exchanges), agencies, retailers, and enterprise brands rely on The Media Trust’s solutions to protect consumers from digital dangers, deliver high-quality experiences, and optimize business outcomes. To learn more, visit mediatrust.com. Read about our Publisher Solutions: https://mediatrust.com/who-we-help/publishers/

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